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Licorice Coarse Cut

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Coarse cut of the licorice root is sifted as per EU standards.


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The coarse cut of the root is sifted as per EU standards.

Origin: Afghanistan

Common Name: Licorice or Liquorice, Radix Regalisse, lakrids, lakritsi , liquirizia, Arq Alsoos, lukrecja, Regaliz, Licorais, saldymedis, sladkega.

Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra L

Licorice is mainly produced in the Middle East, as well as China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Constituents: Glycyrrhizin, sugar, starch, gum, protein, fat, glabredin, resin, asparagines, tannin and volatile oil.

Common use:

  • Confectionaries
  • Food Industry i.e. natural sweetener, tea bags
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Naturopathy 

Health Benefits:

  • Relieves sore throat 
  • Helps calm oral inflammation
  • Natural anti-inflammatory i.e. remedy for arthritis
  • Can provide relief from skin conditions i.e. eczema, rashes
  • Provides relief to those suffering with asthma

Health Precautions:

  • Caution –This product increases blood pressure
  • The information above is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, sickness or other ailments.
  • Consult a health practitioner before using this product for any activity expressed above.
  • For questions regarding personal use, please contact one of our representatives or email us at info@alfabrands.com

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